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Redbeard samurai

Redbeard Samurai is a studied jazz musician, unleashing for his audiences a mixed bag of tricks. As a songwriter, he approaches compositions with conservatory-level theoretical prowess, technical virtuosity, and a diversity of accessible influences.


His command of musicianship, lyrical agility, and stage presence generate a uniquely original voice in party music. He wields a myriad of influences which blend together in a larger-than-life musical experience. Having experimented with various genres, he’s found his voice through shades of RnB, Hip-Hop, and a whole lot of Soul.

On first listen, his influences clearly transcend academia. His aesthetic is built on a bedrock of influences from the popular culture of his childhood: neo-soul, anime, and MTV. His flow and lyricism resonate a dynamic range of reverence, from MCs like MF Doom, to Snoop Dogg, to Kanye; and frontmen like James Brown, Prince, and Justin Timberlake.


At the live experience, he comes with the fervor to deliver you a “license to cut loose.” The show features dynamic visuals paired with a set of original vibes. Expect audacious lyrics and instrumentals that bang. His soul power as frontman is regal, funky, and encourages the listener to discover their own uniqueness. He’s a bad-ass example of being studied and having disciplined work ethic. Altogether, Redbeard Samurai aims to inspire people with the power of hardwork and dedication to your craft. For his upcoming album, he’s focused on creating party anthems and lounge-y B-sides—due out  2018.

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